Social Citizenship

Social Citizenship


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Course Overview

Social Citizenship teaches students the social skills for succeeding in middle school. Students learn how to communicate effectively, problem solve, manage stress, build character and ten essential character traits, how to deal with bullies and peer pressure, and cyber safety. This course includes four chapters: Life Skills, Character, Bullying
and Peer Pressure, and Cyber Safety.

This course introduces the following concepts:

  • Chapter 1, Life Skills, introduces students to the six life skills (communication, teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking, personal responsibility, and stress management) and provides students with strategies to improve their abilities in each life skill.
  • Chapter 2, Character, introduces students to the ten character traits students need to develop for success (conscientiousness positive mindset, kindness, self-control, honesty, perseverance, gratitude, curiosity, passion, and forgiveness) and provides strategies for developing these character traits.
  • Chapter 3, Bullying & Peer Pressure, introduces students to the proper method for identifying bullying behavior, helps them recognize ways to prevent or deal with bullying. This chapter also teaches students to deal with peer pressure.
  • Chapter 4, Cyber Safety, provides students with strategies to protect themselves while using the internet.

Each course features a glossary, pre- and post-tests, instruction on each topic, frequent knowledge checks to reinforce learning, Connect and Reflect activities to encourage student-parent interaction and allow students to connect the topic to their personal experiences.