Study Skills

Study Skills


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Course Overview

Study Skills offers students strategies for setting goals, active reading, taking notes, and studying for tests. Study Skills features five chapters: Goal Setting, Reading, Note Taking, Study Techniques, and Test-taking Strategies.

This course introduces the following concepts:

  • Chapter 1, Goal Setting, teaches students the purpose of setting goals, explains the difference between long-term and short-term goals, teaches students to use SMART goals, describes the five steps of goal setting, and how to create SMART long- and short-term academic goals.
  • Chapter 2, Reading, provides students with strategies for reading more effectively, helps students recall the factors that affect concentration, teaches students to apply the three types of reading (skimming, scanning, and reading for comprehension), explains the acronym ASR, and helps students apply the correct types of reading to prepare for a test.
  • Chapter 3, Note Taking, introduces students to the proper method for listening in class, the importance of taking good notes, cues that indicate they should take notes, how to identify common abbreviations, and introduces them to method for efficient note taking.
  • Chapter 4, Study Techniques, introduces students to common techniques to study effectively, explains the difference between short-term and long-term memory, how to identify their learning style, and explains how to determine which study techniques benefit each learning style.
  • Chapter 5, Test Taking Strategies, provides students with strategies and tips for taking various types of tests, such as multiple-choice tests, short-answer, and essay tests.

Each course features a glossary, pre- and post-tests, instruction on each topic, frequent knowledge checks to reinforce learning, Connect and Reflect activities to encourage student-parent interaction and allow students to connect the topic to their personal experiences.