Time Management

Time Management


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Course Overview

Time Management helps students understand how to use their time more effectively. Students are taught the four types of time traps, the importance of prioritizing, and backwards planning among other topics. It is composed of three chapters: Introduction to Time Management, Manage the Time You Have, and Time Traps.

This course introduces the following concepts:

  • Chapter 1, Introduction, defines time management, explains the purpose and benefits, and teaches students to accurately estimate the time it takes to complete common tasks.
  • Chapter 2, Manage the Time You Have, provides students with five steps to manage their time and introduces students to the four elements of self-management, the importance of writing all activities in one place, the backward planning model, and the purpose of prioritizing.
  • Chapter 3, Time Traps, introduces students to the four types of time traps, explains methods to avoid procrastination, discusses the importance of planning for the unexpected, identifies ways to schedule efficiently, and teaches students to be more decisive.

Each course features a glossary, pre- and post-tests, instruction on each topic, frequent knowledge checks to reinforce learning, Connect and Reflect activities to encourage student-parent interaction and allow students to connect the topic to their personal experiences.