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Typically, when children transition to middle school, the first thing to go is their ability to stay organized. The result is a cluttered locker, a backpack bursting at the seams with too many books and crushed and folded papers, and an empty assignment notebook. The course on Academic Organization provides strategies for using the assignment notebook effectively and staying organized at school and at home.

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Academic Organization provides strategies to help students keep their binders, backpacks, and lockers organized. It also offers effective ways to manage their assignments online and in their daily planners. It includes four chapters: Introduction to Organization, Tracking Assignments, Organization at School, and Organization at Home.

This course introduces the following concepts:

  • Chapter 1, Introduction, defines organization and teaches students to recognize the symptoms of being unorganized and identify the benefits of becoming more organized.
  • Chapter 2, Tracking Assignments, provides strategies for effectively using a daily planner and for using a school management system.
  • Chapter 3, Organization at School, introduces students to the SACHS system for organization (Sort, Arrange, Clean, Habit, Sustain) and provides examples for implementing it for binders, lockers, and backpacks.
  • Chapter 4, Organization at Home, teaches students to create and maintain a homework station, develop a home filing system, create a file system on their computer, and implement the SACHS organization strategy to organize their bedrooms.

Each course features a glossary, pre- and post-tests, instruction on each topic, frequent knowledge checks to reinforce learning, Connect and Reflect activities to encourage student-parent interaction and allow students to connect the topic to their personal experiences.

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