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50 Random Acts of Kindness

1. Say “good morning” to someone at school that you’ve never spoken to before.
2. Smile.
3. Give someone a hug.
4. Share part of your lunch with someone who forgot theirs.
5. Sit with the new kid or someone who is sitting alone at lunch.
6. Write a letter to a grandparent, aunt, uncle, or cousin that you don’t see often.
7. Help bring in groceries without being asked.
8. Hug someone in your family when they’re having a bad day.
9. Hold the door open for people walking behind you.
10. Each time you get something new, give away something old.
11. When you pour a drink for yourself, offer to pour a drink for someone else.
12. In a public place, offer your seat to an elderly, disabled, or pregnant person.
13. When you clear your own plate, offer to take someone else’s plate too.
14. Offer to help a classmate, teacher, or family member who appears to need it.
15. Study with a classmate who is struggling.
16. Share a great book you’ve finished reading.
17. Sincerely compliment someone in front of others.
18. Encourage someone.
19. Let a sibling choose what to watch on TV.
20. Return a shopping cart for someone.
21. Send a care package to a soldier.
22. Help an elderly neighbor with yard work.
23. Volunteer to serve food at a soup kitchen.
24. Plant a tree.
25. Tell a family member you love them.
26. Visit someone in a nursing home.
27. Pick up trash at a local park
28. Do something around the house without being asked.
29. Read to your younger brother or sister.
30. Help a neighbor by raking leaves, mowing grass, or shoveling their driveway.
31. Recycle.
32. Let someone get ahead of you in line.
33. Offer to babysit for a single parent.
34. Offer to help cook dinner.
35. Keep your room clean.
36. Tell your family members how much your appreciate them.
37. Make a positive comment online.
38. Offer your umbrella to someone in the rain.
39. Instead of asking for something for your birthday, make a donation.
40. Forgive someone.
41. Listen instead of talk.
42. Share your favorite toy/game.
43. Find something nice to say instead of complain.
44. Make someone laugh.
45. Donate old sports equipment.
46. Offer your mittens or hat to someone who forgot theirs.
47. Bake cookies for your coach or teacher.
48. Send someone an encouraging text message.
49. Offer to clear the table after dinner.
50. Work hard on an assignment to make your parents proud.